Taiwan Vending Carts

Taiwan Dining Car

Richmaker Company the Taiwanese snacks Venture headquarters to Taiwan’s night market culture is more diverse, in particular, to develop creative styling vendor carts, different from the traditional vendor carts, with functional and watermelon, lanterns, a rice bowl, coffee cup,steamer and a variety of shapes, street vendors can also be very beautiful, “sold like" this is Richmaker Company creative ideas. Even better, modeling vendor carts can also have a variety of color changes, bright and lively streets of Taiwan.

Vendor carts brand

Clever seize market pulsating, Richmaker Company mascot vendor carts, a kind of mold, selling coffee is a coffee cup shape of a vendor cart selling watermelon juice is a watermelon shape vendor cart vendor carts selling dumplings into a steamer modeling, sold Guangdong porridge but also designed a rice bowl in the shape of a vendor cart selling lo mei vendor cart turned into a cute cartoon characters … series of vendor carts, varied, colorful, selling nothing like what people seepeople love. Street vendors to engage in creative, not only has the bonus effect of the attraction, but also enhance the image of the urban streetscape.

Richmaker Company, CHEN Di Wu, general manager, said that this series of creative vendor carts, combined with the mainstream snack food in Taiwan to do the whole set of shop counseling, a lot of people who want to start quickly in a short period of time to learn the standard operating procedures for catering snacks sold let inexperienced entrepreneurs can easily successful shop.