Street vendors in Taiwan

Founded in 2000, Richmaker Company focused on developing patent uniquely-shaped food vending carts in early days. Taking on the mission of launching street image transforming movements, it changed the street vending industry by developing numerous brilliant food vending carts in a row. The colorful food vending carts in various shapes such as coffee cup, lantern, rice bowl, rice bowl with thin lines, circle, bamboo steamer, stew pot, etc…into the market revolutionized the traditional street vending industry innovatively and injected new impetus. The following year, it created Taiwan’s most diverse food vending cart franchise brands, introducing Taiwanese delicacy to uniquely-shaped food vending cart with complete supporting marketing campaigns. With its strengths in small business, Richmaker International headquarters entered the franchise market with booming sales and has become the hottest franchise business.

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Welcome to Richmaker

Advertised a small vendor carts can also create a new day, Richmaker Company brand the way to the traditional street vendors to operate. Cut into small-scale entrepreneurs in Taiwan market the unique shape of the dining car, a listing on the development of a variety of beautiful and eye-catching styling vendor carts, vendor carts, the modeling of the appearance of the golden ratio, the shape of a coffee cup, bowl, steamer, watermelon, lanterns, cartoon characters vendor cart … A whole row of beautiful vendor carts, stands in the streets, “what are they selling like", “street vendors can also" Hyun appearance, good image and win all walks of life in the United States and the United States Encore. Richmaker Company-stop counseling process intentions to help entrepreneurial friends shop, the mainstream snack food market and vendor carts do combined to construct the country’s most diverse the vendor carts venture brand, a listing on the national visibility started laying business Richmaker Company core values. A new trend in the recession years, Richmaker Company to help a lot of people to start a business, the the beautiful super popular vendor carts, small-scale entrepreneurs yuan choose to drive successful shop.